Why Us

Why chose Perfect Strata Maintenance

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Strata Maintenance Experience

Our dynamic team has an intimate knowledge and experience in the Strata Maintenance industry, as well as strong communication skills. We love solving problems on the spot without having to unnecessarily escalate issues to the strata manager

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Quality Control Inspections

To ensure we are always servicing your strata blocks at the highest levels, we perform quality control inspections and provide you with detailed reports on the condition of buildings and recommended services accompanied with relevant quotes. With proactive attention to detail we work hard to identify issues before they happen.

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Reliable Staff

Our managerial staff have vast knowledge in construction finance and real estate property management. We offer various building management tasks at no extra charge to most of our brand-new buildings that we manage and we assist in defect rectification work between the developer and owner’s corporation.

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Tailored Solutions

Regardless of the size of your strata block, our keen knowledge of the Strata Maintenance Industry has helped us develop solutions that meet the needs of every owner.

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Wide Range of Services

Our experience spans across a wide variety of projects ranging from individual homes through to large commercial complexes. Our cost effective packages allow you to save on operating costs and time by dealing with only the one company.

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Prompt Responses

Our service is delivered by experienced and friendly administration staff who are always ready to immediately handle any enquiry. We respond to enquiries at all times of the day and throughout the weekend. If you have an enquiry, we are ready to attend to it. We are always one email/phone call away.

Added Value Items

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Latest Techniques

We use the latest techniques at no additional costs. E.g Mechanical Scrubbing Machine and Noise Reduction Cleaning Equipment.

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Rubbish Chutes

While other companies are unblocking rubbish chutes at a cost of $300-$650, we do it for FREE

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Our Free application- PSM Connect

We have created a personalised FREE application that all owners, strata managers and building managers can download on a phone or tablet to informally communicate with our admin staff. It provides all stakeholders with a three-way communication channel to ensure maximum quality control. The application allows owners to report items requiring attention on site, upload images, request additional services including booking lift covers and provide feedback. Strata and building managers are also able to efficiently and conveniently book work orders and request additional services and quotes.