04 May 2019


As secretary of the owner’s corporation The Heir,. I would like to share our experiences / working relationship with Perfect Strata Maintenance. The sales and administration manager Mical Hader, controls the services provided with an extreme high level of competency. Her hand-picked staff have our place, which includes two 5 storey residential blocks separated by a paved garden court yard, common area abounding each of the blocks , 2 level basement garages, two garbage bays and surrounding gardens always looking very clean and tidy. This is our place of residence, where all the employees under her guidance treated it as such. Mical has excellent communication skills, with all involved here at the Heir. She is prepared to listen to concerns from her employees and residents alike. Then acts on it as needed in a very professional way. Her hands-on approach is very evident, this includes pre, during and post inspection of activities that take place, also her just pop in policy is reassuring.  The one thing that really stands out is her eye for detail and “get it right” In conclusion i say Mical keep up the great work it’s a pleasure to deal with you. and finally, you make the place where we live a real joy and we are proud to show it off.