I have had the greatest pleasure of knowing Mrs Mical Hader for over 17 years and developed a strong business and personal relationship with her. Her extensive knowledge in Business Management and Strata Maintenance, friendly staff and quality of work is of a high and professional standard. These attributes are a true reflection of Mical’s determined, hardworking and friendly character. I have experienced first hand the professional, hard working and determined staff that work for Perfect Strata Maintenance which is a true testament of Mical’s values. I know Mical to be dependable, responsible, honest, courteous and someone with a high level of integrity.

I would like to take this opportunity to confirm my recommendation of Mrs Hader and would highly recommend Perfect Strata Maintenance to any of my Clients without hesitation.

Michael M. Dakhoul
Construction Consultants

I have had the pleasure of working with Mical across multiple projects and have found her service to be unparalleled to none. Trust, attention to detail and dedication are only a few of the many qualities that Mical and her company demonstrate. Her team is professional, prompt and reliable, and the staff always take pride in their work and the properties they look after. From receiving the work order and making contact with the client, through to carrying out their remarkable services, they understand the requirements of strata maintenance work, and the continually exceed expectations. I have no doubt that Mical will make a valuable contribution to any business that engages Perfect Strata Maintenance.

Fred Faker
Arc Energy Group

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation on Mrs Mical Hader whom I have known for years. In the time that I have known Mrs Mical Hader she has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. Mical and the team she leads at Perfect Strata Maintenance are extremely approachable and always striving for excellence in all that they do. I believe that the qualities listed above along with the positive feedback myself and my staff receive about the work from buildings that we have contracted out to Perfect Strata Maintenance is not only a wonderful reflection on Perfect Strata Maintenance but also to my company.

We intrust in her to fulfil every scope of works set out in the buildings we strata manage and that is what her and team do best. Mical and her team are very respected and revered by all who come in contact with them, both her and team would be an asset for any property that you are considering a building maintenance for, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted commendation.

Norman Sarraf

Sarraf Strata.

Perfect Strata Maintenance provide a higher level of service for the discerning client that requires and expects more feedback and proactive management of their prized asset. Our dealings with Perfect Strata Maintenance have been exceptional and we highly recommend their services for those buildings looking to improve their value and aesthetic. Their communication on issues and prompt attention to such makes it an absolute pleasure to work with them.

Strata Choice

We have been using Mical and her team at Perfect Strata Maintenance for the last 12 months and I couldn’t be happier with the service. This routine duties can be challenging at times but the team are always quick to respond and I never have to intervene. Nothing is ever too difficult for Mical, she is a pleasure to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommend their services.

Melissa Elliott
Net Strata

Platinum Properties (NSW) have used Perfect Strata Maintenance for many years now and we have recommended all our strata complex and end of lease cleaning and maintenance to them. We have found them to be extremely prompt as well as satisfying to all clients up to the most pedantic and fussiest of all. It is comforting to know there is a company out there who can meet the demands of clients in all repairs / maintenance/ cleaning and gardening. They are very professional as well as understanding and extremely prompt to our requests no matter what time of the day it is. I will continue to use and recommend their services.

Tania Haidar
Platinum Properties

This office has a number of buildings that are maintained by Perfect Strata Maintenance. This company and I have no hesitation in recommending their services. I have always found Perfect Strata Maintenance to be reliable, thorough, professional and reasonably priced. In many cases I receive a telephone call from them about dumped rubbish before my clients have even had a chance to complain about it. This company is prompt, efficient and takes a proactive approach to cleaning that is entirely refreshing.

Stacey McNally
Civium Strata

Premier Strata has utilised the services of Perfect Strata Maintenance for some years now and highly recommends their personalised service and attention to detail with respect to all aspects of maintenance. Not only are their rates competitive but also their staff know each property in detail and generally deal direct with our clients to ensure that their high standard of service is maintained hence making our job easier.

Anthony Votano
Premier Strata

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Perfect Strata maintenance for all the good work they have done. Many committee’s come back and tell me how happy they are with the service that you provide, you are always willing to assist and go back on site if any problems arise to keep the customer happy, I would recommend you to any committee considering your services.

Fady Abdul Ahad
Whelan Property Group

My experience working with Perfect Strata Maintenance has always been exceptional.  They have consistently met and exceeded our needs. The quality of professionalism of the staff and the experience in all situations of building maintenance is a true asset to our strata management. With the wide variety of services Perfect Strata Maintenance team provide, our owners are always being serviced on every level. They are open, responsive, and flexible in meeting our owners ever changing needs. Their commitment to quality and professionalism is reflected in their services.

Anthony Maroon

The Team at Perfect Strata Maintenance do a wonderful job of a complete cleaning solution, particularly initial set up of new strata plans. They are always responsive, reliable and are happy to take on feedback for continuous improvement.

Paul Tran
Executive Strata

We have found Perfect Strata Maintenance deliver on their promises, that is they maintain the property to an excellent standard, which means less phone calls to our office.

Peter Rumble
Premier Strata

The team from Perfect Strata Maintenance have undertaken a wide range of works for Norwest Strata Management on behalf of our valued clients. Their professional approach to their work, attention to detail, courteous and personal touch towards our owners has resulted in an excellent working relationship. The team have always aimed to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with their work and have always provided great support throughout and after works have been completed. We look forward to working with them in the future.

Anthony Montibeler
Norwest Strata Management

From the first job given to Perfect Strata Maintenance, it could be seen that their approach and work ethic was professional, sincere and each property was treated as if it was their own. They showed a lot of attention for detail and kept the cost of each job down to a minimum in an effort to save money for each owner. I also found that they went out of their way to point out any extra work or repairs that had been overlooked and offered to complete those works to the best of their ability, thus ensuring that the condition of the property remains at a high standard.

Joe Michael
Laing & Simmons Merrylands

Perfect Strata Maintenance have been great with all work I have given them since I was introduced to them a few years ago. They are very helpful with whatever the request may be and extremely prompt in getting back to you whether it be for a quote or completing the job. I would highly recommend them for whatever the job may be as they are very diverse.

Craig Clarke
Premier Strata

I have worked with Perfect Strata Maintenance for a few years now and over the years and across different complexes they always attended to every owner’s request and made sure they are happy. We have always found them accommodating and professional. All team members are polite and very helpful.

Mimi Dinh

Mical and the Perfect Strata Maintenance team provide excellent cleaning and gardening services to my buildings & highly recommend them. She’s proactive and constantly seeks feedback on overall performance/service by liaising with the building’s Strata Committee members. She then uses this information for continuous service improvement. She also handles constructive feedback very well and works with us by providing update/potential issues on the building which makes our jobs easier.

I was particularly impressed with how she handled one of my rather ‘challenging’ buildings – she made an effort to personally meet and listen to the Committee’s issues, guided her team to work on the issues and ensured that they are resolved in a timely manner.

Angelo Cruz
Premier Strata

Perfect Strata Maintenance are a pleasure to work and deal with. They always attend to any request big or small and always make the effort to deliver to the best of their ability. Perfect Strata Maintenance are also great communication wise, so if there are any issues with their service, they are always open to personally meeting anyone to solve, discuss and rectify any issues that arise and improve upon it moving forward. We have been using them for years and will continue using them and recommending their services without hesitation to everyone.

Jonathan Pobre
Executive Strata

During the course of my employment with Premier Strata Management, Mical Hader and her team at Perfect Strata Maintenance have been servicing a number of the strata plans under my management. Mical is always friendly and professional in her dealings with both myself and the other staff at our office. She is always eager to ensure that she and her team are providing the best possible service to our clients (the strata plans we manage). Her team of employees provide a cleaning and grounds maintenance service to a number of our clients and this service is always of a high quality. Any lapses in the quality of service which are few and far between are always addressed promptly and professionally. I have no hesitation in recommending Mical and Perfect Strata Maintenance to any potential client.

Peter Bone
Premier Strata

I have always found Mical and the team at Perfect Strata Maintenance to be fantastic to deal with and problem solvers, not problem makers. Wonderful service all the time.

Thomas Black
Premier Strata

I have known Mical and Perfect Strata Maintenance for almost 2 years, they service many buildings under my portfolio and with my colleagues also. Their services have always been reliable, affordable and efficient.

I have found their team very easy to communicate with and Mical has always been professional when handling any concerns raised. Mikal’s commitment to rectify any negative matters brought to her attention is very impressive and I thank her for the ongoing services provided to our clients. Even when we face unexpected issues with certain jobs, the team always makes sure our owners are always serviced professionally and satisfied with the service. Dealing with them is always a pleasure.

Katie Labonne
Premier Strata

The Strata Collective is delighted to work with the Team at Perfect Maintenance. Mical and her team are hard-working, professional and loved by their clients. There are most certainly a company that ‘goes the extra mile’ to help in any way they can. It is with no hesitation that I provide this testimonial and rest assured that you will be delighted with the result.

Rod Smith
The Strata Collective

Our building (located in Pymble) has recently changed the cleaning and gardening service to Perfect Strata Maintenance. I am very impressed with the service provided by Mical and her team, always helpful and friendly. It’s a pleasure to deal with Mical and I have no hesitation in recommending Perfect Strata Maintenance.

Susan Ng