As secretary of the owner’s corporation at The Heir 309-311 Peats Ferry Rd Asquith, I would like to share our experiences / working relationship with Perfect Strata Maintenance. The sales and administration manager Mical Hader, controls the services provided with an extreme high level of competency. Her hand-picked staff have our place, which includes two 5 storey residential blocks separated by a paved garden court yard, common area abounding each of the blocks, 2 level basement garages, two garbage bays and surrounding gardens always looking very clean and tidy. This is our place of residence, where all the employees under her guidance treated it as such. Mical has excellent communication skills, with all involved here at the Heir. She is prepared to listen to concerns from her employees and residents alike. Then acts on it as needed in a very professional way. Her hands-on approach is very evident, this includes pre, during and post inspection of activities that take place, also her just pop in policy is reassuring. The one thing that really stands out is her eye for detail and “get it right” approach. In conclusion I say Mical, keep up the great work, it’s a pleasure to deal with you. and finally, you make the place where we live a real joy and we are proud to show it off.

Rob Brown

I am the president of an executive committee for a building which has been plagued by rubbish dumping and a general lack of care by residents and our former cleaners.

I was introduced to Mical Hader of Perfect Strata Maintenance – and Mical came up with a strategy plan to help eliminate the rubbish dumping and bring the property back to acceptable standards.

Within weeks of appointment the difference to the property common area was immediately noticeable – her staff are both professional and proficient in their duties.

All work is completed to the highest of standards, and more importantly, small issues are acted upon immediately before they grow into larger problems.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mical Hader / Perfect Strata Maintenance to other unit blocks for cleaning / common area maintenance.

Michael Veitch

I am an owner/occupier at a complex of 36 apartments in Rockdale with numerous foyers and an extremely large garden/landscaping area.  Our Strata Plan has been very dissatisfied with a number of contractors over the last 18 months until we were introduced to Perfect Strata Maintenance by our Strata Managers. PSM have been highly professional from the very first meeting that was arranged by our Strata Manager for PSM’s Sales Manager, Mical, to personally meet with me onsite and patiently walked through the entire complex, listening to my feedback, making notes, taking photos and offering suggestions and ideas throughout the process.  A comprehensive and competitive quotation was provided in a very timely fashion and from the initial cleaning and gardening service onwards, the high standard of workmanship has continued to be maintained.  PSM encourage ongoing contact and feedback and our complex has never looked better.  In particular, Mical is responsive to all requests at any time of the day or weekend, either by phone or email, which is very important and a unique feature within the industry.  PSM’s service has improved the look and feel of our complex, has definitely added value to our complex and they are an extremely professional, approachable and relatable company to work with.  I highly recommend PSM to anyone who is looking for a high-quality service from both the office team and the teams on site.  Thank you for looking after our complex so well!

Sandy Hackworth

Perfect Strata Maintenance is exactly what the name suggests. Recently the team became the maintenance team for our building and the improvement in cleanliness and maintenance has been remarkable. The PSM team is efficient, prompt, thorough, approachable and dedicated to the needs of their clients.

Catherine Podesta

We have used Perfect Strata Maintenance in our newly built unit block and are impressed with the way our building and garden is maintained and that garbage is taken care off in a timely manner each week. We find it easy to communicate with the business owner who addressed any concerns we have had.

Chris Kaikati

I have always found Perfect Strata Maintenance to be personable, professional and reliable in all areas of Strata Maintenance. No job is too small or too large and the management always finds solutions to solve problems associated with Strata Maintenance. They are receptive and flexible to deal with all areas of Strata Maintenance. They make suggestions to further improve the state of the building even before we do. Every job they ever handled for our building has been done with a high level of professionalism ensuring not only it is to a high- standard but also to every owner’s sole satisfaction.

Will Georgopoulos

We have recently changed the gardening service at our property (16 townhouses) to Perfect Strata Maintenance after meeting Mical, who presented as more genuinely concerned with the outlook and well-being of our property, and so far service have been more satisfactory than what we previously experienced (at about the same cost), highly recommended.

Ralph Gian

From the moment that I met Mical, the sales manager for Perfect Strata Maintenance, I have been impressed with her ‘can do’ attitude and ability to deal with every problem whether big or small. Their competitive quote gave us much more bang for our bucks than the previous cleaners who had left a multitude of problems that Perfect Strata Maintenance has had to deal with and they have done so with no complaints. The PSM staff have worked diligently through all the issues they inherited from the previous cleaners until it is now a clean and pleasant environment to work in. it is such a relief to work with a company that is both professional and reliable. Thankyou Mical and Perfect Strata Maintenance.

Maria Campos

I knew we had the right company keeping our property clean and well maintained when I first spoke to Mrs Mical Hader. Right from the start she took her time to listen to all our request and is highly accommodating and flexible in making the time and effort to come and see us, even after normal hours. For her, she knew the importance of face to face, personal yet professional interactions to ensure all matters are resolved efficiently and effectively.

I remember there was a time when I had a request in the later part of the evening (garbage removals) and her team was there 1 hour later working to resolve the issue and working well into the night. You know you are in perfect hands with Perfect Strata Maintenance! I would highly recommend them without any hesitation.

Joseph Ooi 

We have been using the services of Perfect Strata Maintenance for a year now. Any issues that have been raised were addressed immediately in a professional and kind manner. The cleaning teams are on site weekly and perform their tasks well, with regular check-ups from Mical Hader to ensure quality control. Mical is also very adept at following up for feedback on how her team is performing and takes on board any comments we have. Thank you to Mical for her and her teams work for us so far.

Charlie Carter

I would like to refer to the appointment of Perfect Strata Maintenance as our maintenance contractor for gardening and cleaning duties at our Strata Plan complex, located between the boundaries of – 42-46 Sheffield street and 59-61 Neil street, Merrylands NSW. Such duties also extend to include – tree branch lopping and bush trimming, (done recently, and a terrific clean-up of all rubbish around the whole premises also), lawn and garden bed clearing and landscaping – which includes  power blowing, raking up of all leaves, twigs, bark and fallen branches, all of which are expertly gathered and cleaned up and put into the proper garden waste bins provided by us, proper cleaning of all street gutter areas at our strata complex, recycle and garden waste bin removal to front property kerb on collection night, and retrieval of bins for placement back into bin bay areas after collection by local waste management collection the next day, monthly cleaning of common property toilets, removal of cob webs all around our property. Collection of any litter around the common property area, pressure cleaning and disinfecting of all waste bins and bin bay areas, cleaning out of driveway metal covered gutter drains, and any other jobs around the premises that may be required at any time. We are very satisfied with the terrific job that they conduct at our premises, and they are always only too happy to discuss any other works required. We would be more than pleased to recommend PSM for the upkeep of any other properties.

Mr. Garry Pedler

I am writing on behalf of SP 92834 to recommend Perfect Strata Maintenance.  Like many other cleaning companies, Perfect Strata offer general weekly cleaning and management of rubbish bins. In our building, Mical’s team cleans two foyers and elevators and three outside corridors each week and washes the bins once a month. Cleaning is often an expensive part of strata management.  Unlike some other cleaning companies, Mical is concerned that her customer is satisfied with the company’s work and keen to know that you feel the money is well spent.  In addition to the usual range of cleaning tasks, her crews will do other cleaning jobs, which may not be required in every building or which are required only occasionally.  In our building, for example, they have been working to clean up the dust in the basement car parks, which the builder should have removed in his final clean, but didn’t, as well as cleaning skirting boards in the foyers, glass doors and the elevators.  You may request these jobs be done, but the teams will also take it upon themselves to do them, if they see they are needed. Mical follows up regularly with members of the Owners Corporation and asks for feedback on the team’s work.  If you aren’t happy with the cleaning done, she will work with the team to ensure that you are.  In my experience, this is rare.  An executive may speak to their teams, but they do not generally keep working with them until you are pleased with the results.  Mical does. We are very pleased with Perfect Strata’s cleaning of our building.

S. M. Crossley

We are the Strata Committee of a newly built apartment blocks located at 42-50 Cliff Road, Epping and have engaged Perfect Strata Maintenance to provide cleaning, rubbish & gardening services since November 2017. As the block is near new, the strata committee is very conscious to keep the building as well as the garden & lawn areas clean and tidy in order to provide a pleasant environment for our tenants.

Based on our experience and feedback from other owners, Mical and her team at Perfect Strata Maintenance have consistently performed above expectation and the committee is therefore very pleased to have selected her team among other providers. We’ve found Mical to be very responsive to our requests, even after hours and over weekends. She is proactive as well in making suggestions and in providing ideas how to make improvement and save money. In our dealings with Mical, it is obvious to us she is very experienced in this field as she has no hesitation in sharing her knowledge and contacts with committee members.

Importantly, with any issues under discussion, she doesn’t just take the role of a service provider but rather sees things in the shoe of an owner. This approach, together with her years of experience, has proved beneficial in helping the committee resolve sometimes complex issues.

We have since built an excellent working partnership with Mical and expect our relationship to continue for some time. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending Mical and Perfect Strata Maintenance to other strata committees or owners who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner to provide high standard services to their apartment blocks.

Andy Fung

We have been dealing with Perfect Strata Maintenance for the past 12 months. They currently look after the cleaning, gardening and waste management at our complex in Lanecove and the standard of service and attention to detail has been very good. They are always helping and supporting in areas that at first you wouldn’t say a cleaning company would do. Even down to sorting out recycling that hasn’t been disposed of properly and maintaining the water feature and gardens. Always helpful and always professional. Due to this the scope of the cleaning company has increased and they are keen to take on more responsibility.

Mark Warner

We have been using Mical and her team at perfect strata maintenance since October 2018. Until our first Annual General Meeting, Mical and her team worked for several weeks free and were beyond helpful from the onset of dealing with them. In the first weeks of being with us they had a huge mess to contend with her team continually worked to unblock a new rubbish chute to get it operating again. There was multiple large garbage bins overfilled by new residents and then even larger amounts of recycling surrounding these bins. They worked so hard to contact council and arrange multiple clean up to save the owners here paying. As to much much rubbish had built up to simply remove in each weeks rubbish pick up. They maintain the building twice a week and do a great job. On Christmas Day I sent an email to Mical and her team along with building management and strata. The rubbish chute had blocked again, bins were overflowing and residents had begun dumping on the floor of the bin room. The mess was beyond believe and a complete hazard. I was going to try to clean this myself as it was Christmas Day and only bound to get worse in the coming days. I didn’t expect a reply especially on Christmas Day of all days but Mical contacted me immediately and upon seeing photos of the mess arranged her team to come out urgently. The team worked to unblock the rubbish chute again, remove all of the mess piled around on the floor and ensure the room was perfect. I would highly recommend Mical and her team at Perfect Strata Maintenance to anyone they are absolutely a god send.

Rebecca Loveridge

I am a unit owner in an apartment building located at Wentworthville.  After being unsatisfied with a previous Strata Maintenance Company with particular concerns about the hygiene aspect of the building especially with the Garbage Room area in our building, Our Strata Manager engaged Perfect Strata Maintenance to take over the task of maintaining the building.  Having observed their work performance for the past months, myself and all committee members of the building are very satisfied with their level of service. The management of Perfect Strata Maintenance will always take that extra mile to have the job done properly even it is not stipulated in their scope of works. They are always approachable during and after working hours and always provide solutions to whatever the problem may be. I am happy with their professionalism and dedication to their job and their attention to details and will not hesitate to recommend Perfect Strata Maintenance to anyone who requires a job well done.

Joseph Tempongko

We undertook a major renovation at our townhouse complex which involved replacing the main footpath tiles, private entrance ways for all properties, fencing for all townhouses, painting and general maintenance of our complex. This included jackhammering the old pathway tiles, re-screeding, waterproofing, and re-tiling the entrance tiles and private townhouse entries, removing all old fencing and replacing it with new mod wood fence for all common and private areas, repairing cracks in concrete and repainting all common area walls and railings. We had a few unforeseen problems to start with, however, the constant communication with your company and the way you coordinated the works with the other trades was highly beneficial to the successful conclusion of this project.  The minor defects were all rectified win a very professional manner and although it took a little longer than was anticipated, we are very happy with the end result.  I hope you found the project was successful for yourselves as well.  We would be happy to work with you again if the opportunity arose and recommend Perfect Strata Maintenance to any owner’s corporation that’s looking for a complete makeover done professionally.

Lisa Townsend