ESR Developments has been using the services of Perfect Strata Maintenance for many years and have been very impressed with the level of service. Not only do they commit to the scope of works that they are asked to carry out but they go over and beyond the level of expectation. They provide way more value that they get paid to do on every one of my buildings. They make the effort to meet the committee members and liaise with them directly to ensure they are receiving the value they are paying for. They also personalise their service to meet the expectation of every one of the owners. We recommend them for any building and especially the brand new space as they have excellent communication skills to liaise with all parties involved including council, strata, owners and any external contractors to rectify any situation. I have only had positive feedback about their service from all the owners and we are very pleased with the value we continuously receive on every building.

Edmon Rizk
ESR Developments

We have been using the services of Perfect Strata Maintenance since the completion of our building and have found them to be very reliable in delivering what they promise. Mical and the team are very attentive and responsive to our emails and text messages all the times of the day. They are happy to assist with any of our enquiries even when it falls outside of their scope of works such as arranging council collections and liaising with council directly for waste management plan changes to better suit our building. For any developer or owner that is looking for a company that will work closely with them to maintain their development on the highest levels and, I strongly recommend you chose Perfect Strata Maintenance.

Joseph Farah
Trimes Development

I met Mical from Perfect Strata Maintenance on one of our developments when she was quoting for ongoing maintenance for the building and we were happy to appoint the company to look after the ongoing cleaning gardening and waste management. Shortly after the company was appointed I was receiving impressive feedback from owners about the proactive approach and their willingness to attend to every request that was made whether it was on their scopes or not. Mical also liaised with council directly to make changes to the waste management plan that would be more suitable for the building and residents. She keeps in touch with owners closely to ensure their everchanging needs are always being met. Staff at Perfect Strata Maintenance unblock the rubbish chute the majority of times without the owners having to engage an external company and pay for that service. I am yet to see a cleaning company unblock chutes the way they do and not charge anything for this service whether it was done during working hours or after working hours. Their performance is a great representation on our company and everyone involved. We recommend their services highly. We have recently appointed them on another one of our buildings and will continue using their services.

Fady Harb
Sydneywide Developments

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs Mical Hader from Perfect Strata Maintenance both on a personal and professional level fro over 20 years. In that time, I have watched Mical grow and develop into the hardworking, dedicated and ambitious businesswoman you see before you. Mical and the team at Perfect Strata Maintenance share an amazing work ethic and provide an excellent quality of service both to the owner’s corporation and to developers. Their extensive knowledge in Strata Maintenance allows for the team to perform and complete all tasks with a high professional standard. It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Mical and the team at Perfect Strata Maintenance to any clients they may seek to pursue. I believe they will be a valuable asset to any business. I wish Mical and the team at Perfect Strata Maintenance all the best in any future endeavours.

Anthony Isaac
IC Homes

We Brayside Group Pty Ltd are an established building and development company which specialise in quality developments including apartments, townhouses and designer cluster homes. Currently we hold a number of completed project buildings to date. Part of our on-going service to our clients, we consider maintenance and cleaning as an important part of the building projects continuous service to our clients and thus our reputation

Being in the industry and among prestige builders, I was highly recommended by another builder to Mical Hader the managing director of Perfect Strata Maintenance. After working with her I found Mical characterised by her unique skills and expertise for the on-going management of our new and existing building projects.

After Perfect Strata was officially appointed by our firm and several months later, we realised the service Mical and her team provided in the management of the maintenance of the buildings was very impressive. Mical was quick, responsive and effective in attending to any issues that arose and no matter what time of day or night or how difficult the task, she and her team would find solutions and achieve great results.

In summary, the company is most outstanding and works hard to be the best it can be. Mical’s main focus is her clients and the cleaning and management needs of her clients. She and her staff would be available 24/7, reliable and possess attention to detail. The team take pride in their workmanship. Mical has good people skills and a pleasant personality. I feel very confident and comfortable under Mical and her team’s management. The staff are highly experienced and dedicated. They have the ability to work to a high standard, take direction and initiative. This company is very competitive in their field and I have seen her business grow rapidly with blue chip clients requiring her service.

As a result of Mical’s top quality service and issue resolving, I have since recommended and referred her business to several other high-profile builders. I have been informed by the current builders that they are very satisfied with Perfect Strata Maintenance service, including their experience and cost-effective management.

We Brayside Group Pty Ltd would highly recommend Perfect Strata Maintenance to any builder, developer or strata firm, their service led by Mical Hader. She is an asset to the industry, reputable and has a high level of integrity.

Sarkis Makari
Brayside Group Pty Ltd

It is with admiration that I recommend Mical Hader and Perfect Strata Maintenance. I have known Mical for years now and there hasn’t been a situation whereby a negative comment has surfaced about Mical or the service of the business she leads. Mical’s interest is in ensuring the service provided is second to none and such is evident in the growth of Perfect Strata Maintenance over the years that I have known her. This is a testament to the attitude and leadership of The Director, Mical Hader.

From the first time I met Mical, I have always been amazed by her passion for creating a sense of ownership in all that she commits to and she has demonstrated exceptional skill and competence in always delivering on her word.

Additionally, Mical has an excellent rapport with everyone. She is enthusiastic, humble and honest. She has excellent communication skills which helps her connect with a range of people in the industry of property.

I recommend Mical and PSM without reservation.

Michael Doueihi
Dynamic Projects


We are please to provide a reference letter for Mical Hader and her team at Perfect Strata Maintennance. E have worked successfully with Perfect Strata Maintenance at Atrium Project in lIverpool and are looking forward to continuing this relationship with many more projects in the future. Our experience with Mical and the team at Perfect Strata Maintenance has always been positive. The whole team is highly recommended and we are always happy to refer her unreservedly to any developer considering their services for any project.

Amen Zoabi
Binah Group


It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Mical Hader from Perfect Strata Maintenance. Mical and I have worked on a project in Liverpool together for over a year now. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Mical, and came to know her as a truly vakluable asset to any organisation. She is honest, dependable and inclredibly hardworking.

Her knowledge and expertise in Strata were a huge advantage to our company. She put this skillset to work in order to achieve the best outcome.

Along with her undeniable talet, Mical has always been an absolute joy to work with. She is a true team player and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of any situation.

I confidently recommend Mical to join your team. As dedicated and knowledgeable company and an all-round great person, I know she will be a beneficial addition to your organisation.

Jacki Georges
HCM Building Group