I have had the greatest pleasure of knowing Mrs Mical Hader for over 17 years and developed a strong business and personal relationship with her. Her extensive knowledge in Business Management and Strata Maintenance, friendly staff and quality of work is of a high and professional standard. These attributes are a true reflection of Mical’s determined, hardworking and friendly character. I have experienced first hand the professional, hard working and determined staff that work for Perfect Strata Maintenance which is a true testament of Mical’s values. I know Mical to be dependable, responsible, honest, courteous and someone with a high level of integrity. I would like to take this opportunity to confirm my recommendation of Mrs Hader and would highly recommend Perfect Strata Maintenance to any of my Clients without hesitation.

I met Mical from Perfect Strata Maintenance on one of our developments when she was quoting for ongoing maintenance for the building and we were happy to appoint the company to look after the ongoing cleaning gardening and waste management. Shortly after the company was appointed I was receiving impressive feedback from owners about the proactive approach and their willingness to attend to every request that was made whether it was on their scopes or not. Mical also liaised with council directly to make changes to the waste management plan that would be more suitable for the building and residents. She keeps in touch with owners closely to ensure their everchanging needs are always being met. Staff at Perfect Strata Maintenance unblock the rubbish chute the majority of times without the owners having to engage an external company and pay for that service. I am yet to see a cleaning company unblock chutes the way they do and not charge anything for this service whether it was done during working hours or after working hours. Their performance is a great representation on our company and everyone involved. We recommend their services highly. We have recently appointed them on another one of our buildings and will continue using their services.

ESR Developments has been using the services of Perfect Strata Maintenance for many years and have been very impressed with the level of service. Not only do they commit to the scope of works that they are asked to carry out but they go over and beyond the level of expectation. They provide way more value that they get paid to do on every one of my buildings. They make the effort to meet the committee members and liaise with them directly to ensure they are receiving the value they are paying for. They also personalise their service to meet the expectation of every one of the owners. We recommend them for any building and especially the brand new space as they have excellent communication skills to liaise with all parties involved including council, strata, owners and any external contractors to rectify any situation. I have only had positive feedback about their service from all the owners and we are very pleased with the value we continuously receive on every building.

We are the Strata Committee of a newly built apartment blocks in Epping and have engaged Perfect Strata Maintenance to provide Cleaning, Gardening and Waste Management services since November 2017.  As the block is near new, the strata committee is very conscious to keep the building as well as the garden & lawn areas clean and tidy in order to provide a pleasant environment for our tenants. Based on our experience and feedback from other owners, Mical and her team at Perfect Strata Maintenance have consistently performed above expectation and the committee is therefore very pleased to have selected her team among other providers. We’ve found Mical to be very responsive to our requests, even after hours and over weekends. She is proactive as well in making suggestions and in providing ideas how to make improvement and save money. In our dealings with Mical, it is obvious to us she is very experienced in this field as she has no hesitation in sharing her knowledge and contacts with committee members. Importantly, with any issues under discussion, she doesn’t just take the role of a service provider but rather sees things in the shoe of an owner. This approach, together with her years of experience, has proved beneficial in helping the committee resolve sometimes complex issues. We have since built an excellent working partnership with Mical and expect our relationship to continue for some time. We therefore have no hesitation in recommending Mical and Perfect Strata Maintenance to other strata committees or owners who are looking for a reliable and trustworthy partner to provide high standard services to their apartment blocks

knew we had the right company keeping our property clean and well maintained when I first spoke to Mrs Mical Hader. Right from the start she took her time to listen to all our request and is highly accommodating and flexible in making the time and effort to come and see us, even after normal hours. For her, she knew the importance of face to face, personal yet professional interactions to ensure all matters are resolved efficiently and effectively.
I remember there was a time when I had a request in the later part of the evening (garbage removals) and her team was there 1 hour later working to resolve the issue and working well into the night. You know you are in perfect hands with Perfect Strata Maintenance! I would highly recommend them without any hesitation.

From the moment that I met Mical, the sales manager for Perfect Strata Maintenance, I have been impressed with her ‘can do’ attitude and ability to deal with every problem whether big or small. Their competitive quote gave us much more bang for our bucks than the previous cleaners who had left a multitude of problems that Perfect Strata Maintenance has had to deal with and they have done so with no complaints. The PSM staff have worked diligently through all the issues they inherited from the previous cleaners until it is now a clean and pleasant environment to work in. it is such a relief to work with a company that is both professional and reliable. Thank you Mical and Perfect Strata Maintenance.

As secretary of the owner’s corporation The Heir,. I would like to share our experiences / working relationship with Perfect Strata Maintenance. The sales and administration manager Mical Hader, controls the services provided with an extreme high level of competency. Her hand-picked staff have our place, which includes two 5 storey residential blocks separated by a paved garden court yard, common area abounding each of the blocks , 2 level basement garages, two garbage bays and surrounding gardens always looking very clean and tidy. This is our place of residence, where all the employees under her guidance treated it as such. Mical has excellent communication skills, with all involved here at the Heir. She is prepared to listen to concerns from her employees and residents alike. Then acts on it as needed in a very professional way. Her hands-on approach is very evident, this includes pre, during and post inspection of activities that take place, also her just pop in policy is reassuring.  The one thing that really stands out is her eye for detail and “get it right” In conclusion i say Mical keep up the great work it’s a pleasure to deal with you. and finally, you make the place where we live a real joy and we are proud to show it off.

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation on Mrs Mical Hader whom I have known for years. In the time that I have known Mrs Mical Hader she has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. Mical and the team she leads at Perfect Strata Maintenance are extremely approachable and always striving for excellence in all that they do. I believe that the qualities listed above along with the positive feedback myself and my staff receive about the work from buildings that we have contracted out to Perfect Strata Maintenance is not only a wonderful reflection on Perfect Strata Maintenance but also to my company.
We intrust in her to fulfil every scope of works set out in the buildings we strata manage and that is what her and team do best. Mical and her team are very respected and revered by all who come in contact with them, both her and team would be an asset for any property that you are considering a building manager/ maintenance for, and I am happy to give her my wholehearted commendation.

We have been using Mical and her team at Perfect Strata Maintenance for the last 12 months and I couldn’t be happier with the service. This routine duties can be challenging at times but the team are always quick to respond and I never have to intervene. Nothing is ever too dicult for Mical, she is a pleasure to deal with and I have no hesitation in recommend their services.